“We at Rebel are working relentlessly to provide a delightful customer experience every single time. Making processes standardised is one of the critical areas that we have been working on for a long time. Mukunda foods is one of our most trusted partners for scaling process automation. R&D teams of

“The work culture is superb. I have the opportunity work with people from cross-functional teams. My manager and the COO, Sudeep are a source of great support - they have guided me to work more efficiently.

I didn't realise that I had completed two and a half years at Mukunda Foods – it’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. My founders and colleagues always helped me grow and showed me the path to success.

“When I came to this company, I had a dream handed over to me. We worked hard, failed, and tried all over again. Now the growth is a testimony in itself.”

“Kitchen automation and robotics is the latest buzz word in the world of hospitality and food retail. It helps in maintaining the consistency of the product, overcoming manpower attrition, streamlining processes and is a valuable strategy in large scale FB retail. Mukunda foods has developed products that can duplicate the

“Working with Team Mukunda Foods has been a fantastic experience, be it new product development, product enhancement, service delivery improvement or collaboration opportunities. We appreciate their passion to disrupt and we are excited to continue our collaboration with them. We wish them great success in all their endeavors.”