How it works

Automatic and connected appliance – A Smart Solution for
commercial kitchens


A smart deep fryer and pan for commercial kitchen that your chefs need
(and deserve)

Frying isn’t difficult – until you’re doing it for paying customers who demand high-quality that are consistent in taste. To help save you from that, Mukunda Foods brings you one of the smart kitchen solutions of the now that chefs need and deserve – EcoFryer, a smart deep fryer. If you run large kitchens with multiple outlets in different locations, this automatic frying machine is a way to go. Flexing advanced features and a neat and appealing aesthetic, it promises to save you cooking woes, output delicious foods, and enable your business with growth opportunities in different ways,

The 12L automatic fryer comes with 2 baskets and griddle configuration. It has many recipes pre-programmed, which can easily be customized per your distinct requirements. From auto oil temperature control to menu customization, there’s a lot to this commercial deep fryer. It is ideal to fry frozen foods; griddle can be used to heat paratha, buns, and more. The fryer plus griddle configuration is best suited for burger brands. Much like any of our products, as the best kitchen robotics company, Mukunda Foods assures of sturdiness and longevity even with its smart deep fryer.

How EcoFryer works

This automatic frying machine is quite simple and straightforward to use. It has 50 recipes that are easy to customize per your unique needs and requirements. When ready to cook, pick the right recipe from the list along with appropriate portion size, add base ingredients in the basket, and hit the start button. The smart deep fryer will do the rest – FROM lowering oil at a predefined interval TO buzzing you when the frying is done TO taking care of its temperature. So, now get foods that you and your customers want – perfect. Never too cooked, never undercooked – just perfect.

Frying with EcoFryer

“I think I burned it”. Yes, let’s leave that cooking woe to yesterday. Welcome a smart deep fryer that doesn’t expect you to be a pro cook – and doesn’t demand your 100 percent attention. Select from 50 custom recipes and let this automatic fryer do its magic. Meantime, go do something else, or just chill. Packing cutting-edge features, this one isn’t just smart in the name. It understands what you’re cooking. It knows how much oil is required. It knows what temperature is best for frying. And, above all, it knows when the frying is done. Following the SOP, EcoFryer is as advanced as it gets, delivering you foods that are impeccably prepared and, of course, delicious in taste.

Fryer Hood(Smoke Free)

This automatic Smoke-free frying machine is quite simple and straightforward to use. It can be placed in Cafeterias without damaging the ambiance of the cafes. Advantages of Fryer Hood are sleek design, no burning of eyes, and smoke filter.


  • Many benefits, making it more than just about frying
  • Say goodbye to undercooking and overcooking. Cook with ultimate precision now.
  • Reduce oil consumption (read: oil wastage).
  • An automatic frying machine that doesn’t hurt your electricity bill. 
  • Enables staff to multi-task without the worry of forgetting “oh, I have something on the pan”.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • One-year warranty and quick service.

Technical Specifications

Configuration: Gas operated 12L fryer with griddle Power supply, AC220V 16 A alternating current Power supply, AC220V 16 A alternating current
No. of baskets- 2 Power Rating 2.8kWH Power Rating 2.8kWH
Dimension: 1220 x 680 x 920 mm Capacity 11L Capacity 11L
Griddle size- 550 mm x 350 mm External dimensions 280*550*400 mm External dimensions 280*550*800 mm
Fryer body: Stainless steel Weight 11kg(Oil basket) Weight 11kg(Oil basket)
Griddle: Cast Iron The Maximum temperature can go up to 200℃ The Maximum temperature can go up to 200℃
Temperature range : 60-250 °C 10 Menu Options available. 10 Menu Options available.
Display: 3.5” TFT display Touch screen man-machine interface:4.3 Inch Touch screen man-machine interface:4.3 Inch
Ignition: Auto ignition Oil drum:240*295*200 mm Oil drum:240*295*200 mm
Temperature control: Automatic for fryer, Manual for griddle Equipped with automatic lifting rod Equipped with automatic lifting rod
Fryer automation: Automatic dip and removal of food as per recipe Real time temperature display and time countdown Real time temperature display and time countdown
Menu selection & customization: Add upto 50 recipes as per requirement
Real time temperature display and time countdown